New Jinx Hamilton Release:
Mirrors of Time

Time. The Fourth Realm. Is it a discovery or a trap?

Seconds away from making a clean getaway to a fantasy honeymoon in Paris with Lucas, Jinx gets sucked down a time-bending portal tunnel — with Glory. After a hard landing in a forest clearing Moira finds them, but she's not the Moira they know.

In an upside-down version of history where evil Brenna Sinclair is the Ruling Elder and the Creavit control Fae society, Jinx and Glory try to find their way home. Bound for Londinium to meet the mysterious Alex Farnsworth, they discover that escape comes at a steep price.

Meanwhile Lucas, chafing to go after his wife, finds himself forced into an alliance with a band of Las Vegas time pirates. With Chase, Festus, Rube, and Ironweed for backup, will his rescue effort succeed or will more of the lair crew become marooned in time?

Return to Juliette Harper’s genre-bending fantasy world in Mirrors of Time, the 13th novel in the bestselling Jinx Hamilton series — an adventure that enters the Fourth Realm, time itself!

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Blood Marked, the second Selby Jensen Mystery is here!

Fresh off a chupacabra kill and a demon goat exorcism, paranormal investigator Selby Jensen could happily rip someone’s head off. Her husband, Dex, who has taken to disappearing in the night is a likely candidate. Her vampire business partner, Johnny Devereaux, moves up on the list, however, when he announces there’s a new client waiting in the outer office — a client brought to them through a Texas Monthly interview Selby didn’t want to give.

Initially resistant, but intrigued that Olivia Reynolds has traveled from Massachusetts, Selby relents, setting the stage for a shocking revelation. Olivia’s blood holds an explosive secret that could upset the delicate balance between human society and the hidden vampire world. But Olivia isn’t the only one whose blood has been marked with forces beyond her control.

Meet Selby and her rag tag band of associates in Descendants of the Rose as they work to solve a grisly murder at a girls' school.

Selby's Back!

Selby Jensen: a woman scarred by grief determined to stop the monsters from preying on the innocent.

Here's what one reviewer on Amazon had to say about Descendants of the Rose:

“I was expecting a new story within a universe similar to the Jinx [Hamilton] books. Oh, no you have an entire new reality. Great story, there was a mystery, ghosts, angels, demons, vampires and different witches. Great job. You had me laughing out loud, crying and maybe even looking at my faith. Thanks.”

New Release: Blood Marked

When a client arrives on Selby's doorstep with symptoms of vampirism, the team takes the case only to realize they've landed smack in the middle of a blood-sucking conspiracy. What results is a supernatural road trip for the ages!

A werecat and a raccoon walk into a dragon’s lair . . .

Join ROMO agent and werecat Festus McGregor in this second installment of the Jinx Hamilton/Wrecking Crew novellas. Agreeing to an off-the-books mission with wereparrot Jilly Pepperdine, Festus and Rube find themselves on the Isle of Wight in search of an ancient lodestone with the power to enslave shifters.

Where can I find books written by Juliette Harper?

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Series by Juliette Harper

  • Jinx Hamilton Mysteries
  • Selby Jensen Mysteries

The series begins with a sweet “cozy” note in the first novel Witch at Heart, but evolves into a full-blown paranormal urban fantasy. From shapeshifting werecats and ancient Fae to baseball playing ghosts and paramilitary fairy troops, the Jinx Hamilton books have it all.

Meet the Authors Behind Juliette 

Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. As a writer, Juliette's goal is to create strong female characters facing interesting, challenging, painful, and at times comical situations. Refusing to be bound by genre, her primary interest lies in telling good stories.