Witch on Third

Vampires. They’re harder to get rid of than cockroaches!

Jinx and crew have just survived Briar Hollow's first annual paranormal festival -- SpookCon1 as Tori calls it, but on the last night, they get a nasty surprise. The Strigoi Sisters are alive, and they're working with Creavit wizard Irenaeus Chesterfield!

With Chase still stinging from the breakup and Lucas Grayson more than a little interested, Jinx has plenty on her plate without a new evil trio in town. As the team works to discover Chesterfield's motive, something happens in the Valley that changes everything for the Hamilton family.

Complete with Glory-inspired hijinks, more problems with the baseball ghosts, and deepening marriage woes for Gemma, things at The Witch's Brew get complicated fast.

“Just can’t wait for book seven. The great fight between ultimate evil and good is coming again for the first time since the reformation. And more importantly, we’ve watched a weird assortment of humans, witches, fae, ghosts, magical shapeshifters, a brownie, a werewolf, an elf, one shrunken librarian and a mouse become a strong family. One that has grown to become a force to be reckoned with and discovered that they are more magical together. And somehow the main character a new barista/witch will become something we don’t yet understand, but she will be powerful. Please finish it soon!” – Penelope A.T.


“I chose to read the first book in this series on a whim, it was the best decision I made in a long time. These books are intensely interesting and comical at the same time. I’m not into the whole “vampire” craze going on but I do thoroughly enjoy these books and can’t wait for the next in the series. Thank you Ms Harper!” – Katherine Reid


“How deeply I have come to worry about, cry over, and laugh with these characters. From the sinister to the heroic they have wound their way into my heart. Thank you for the adventures.” – Amanda Griffis


“Really loved all of these books. Jinx is such a great character, but more importantly she is surrounded by a whole cast of interesting and funny characters. I really enjoyed all six of these and the short story that follows.” – Mel

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Six weeks ago I made a promise to a dying man. I kept my word, even though he had no right to ask anything of me. Anton Ionescu cursed my mother, forced my infant brother into exile, and hired a hitman to go after me and everyone I love. Most folks would argue that I didn’t owe the man a blessed thing.


They’d be wrong.


Earlier that summer, thanks to an irresponsible bit of magic, I raised Anton’s daughter and niece from their graves — as vampires. Anton died thinking they’d been freed from that curse. I thought the same thing until the next night at the Halloween carnival when they came strolling by my table on the courthouse lawn.

That appearance in itself created an obvious problem, but there’s more. The two girls were arm in arm with a Creavit wizard named Irenaeus Chesterfield who has been working against my family for thirty years.


At the time, all I saw was a man in white tie and tails and two women dressed as Victorian hookers. I thought they were going for a kind of Jack the Ripper/Phantom of the Opera costume vibe.


Then my costume had a violent reaction to the sighting.


It may not have been the most creative decision, but I went to the carnival as a witch. My Barbie-sized friend, Glory Green, came with me the only way she could without being obvious — plastered flat on the crown of my pointy hat. That, and the ability to fly on her broom, are Glory’s only real powers.


So, to be perfectly accurate, Glory was the one who reacted violently. She began to shake so hard I had to put my hand on the hat to keep it from tumbling to the ground.


Chesterfield cursed Glory to live a miniature existence as a stereotypical green-faced witch. Then he sent her into the store I run with my best friend, Tori Andrews, to act as a spy. Glory is on our side now, but she lives in constant terror that Chesterfield will capture and punish her.


That night, however, the wizard and the two women with him didn’t threaten Glory or me in any way. They were already past us when Glory told me the man was Chesterfield.


As I watched, the trio crossed the street and paused long enough to look at me and remove their masks. That’s when I recognized Seraphina and Ioana. Before I could do much more than stare, the three of them disappeared into thin air.


Speaking in a low, soothing tone, I said, “They’re gone, Glory. He’s not going to hurt us.”


“Not now,” she croaked, “but he’ll be back.”


“Yes,” I said, behind my hand. “He will.”


For the record, if people catch you talking to your hat in public, they tend to believe you’ve lost your mind.


“But after everything that happened yesterday, don’t you think we can let the others enjoy the rest of the carnival? Don’t we owe them that?”


Who are “the others?”


That’s quite a shopping list — my parents, Tori’s mother, a couple of agents with the Division for Grid Integrity, my ex-boyfriend/werecat protector, his father, a mostly solid ghost, a brownie, and a rat. Just stick with me here. If you don’t know them already, you’ll meet them pretty soon.


As Glory considered my words, the witch’s hat grew still. “I owe you all everything,” Glory said in a calmer voice. “I’m okay now.”

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