To Test a Witch

As the Conference of the Realms convenes in London, Jinx and the gang settle into adjoining rooms at Claridge’s determined to find a way to end The Agreement segregating the In Between.

In the three days before the opening ceremony, Lucas assumes the role of tour guide, taking Jinx to Hampton Court and the British Museum. But it’s the sites he doesn’t show her that prove to be the most critical after an assassination attempt puts Barnaby’s life in danger and leaves Jinx in charge of the Shevington delegation.

From encountering the ghosts of Henry VIII’s wives to meeting a troop of gargoyle guards in the Fae Houses of Parliament, Jinx and her friends take London by storm in the ninth book of this ongoing urban fantasy series.

“Absolutely terrific! The characters are great, the story is griping and you never want to end.” 

“The Jinx Hamilton Mysteries, are full of surprise, fantasy, and feeling.”


“From the first book, right on through, you feel like you can become friends with each character.”


“Plot twists and new characters keep her work fresh and exciting. Lots of humor and romance. Love the series. Want MORE!!!!”


“The story has progressed — we have a full bodied urban fantasy with a well thought out world, well developed characters of all descriptions, and a great and complex story line.”


“Great storyline and dialogue, lots of action and drama. The author has great imagination and insight into human behavior.”

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Beau tried and failed completely, touching off another round of laughter. Wiping his eyes, he said, “I feel rather guilty that we are out here enjoying ourselves when matters of such great import are set to transpire in London.”


“Don’t be,” Chase said, shelling another peanut. “All that political stuff will catch up with us soon enough. I, for one, am perfectly happy we’re sitting where we are and that nothing sinister is going on in our world.”


“Oh, Chase!” Glory gasped. “Don’t ever say something like that! You’re asking for trouble!”


“That’s silly superstition,” he scoffed. “The eyes of the whole Fae world are on London. Nobody’s paying any attention to Briar Hollow. Enjoy the lull while it lasts.”


No sooner were the words out of his mouth than a faintly glowing baseball careened into the stands, striking his cup, and drenching them all in a sticky rain of soda.


From the field, Hiram called, “Sorry, folks! Reckon I’m too juiced up tonight.”


Glory looked at Chase with a wide-eyed “I told you so” expression made all the more incongruous by the single drop of soda hanging suspended at the end of her nose.


“See what you’ve done?” she said. “It’s started already.”


Scrubbing at his face with his hand, Chase said, “What’s started already?”


“I don’t know,” she insisted, “but something definitely has, which is what you get for tempting fate.”


Chase reached out and wiped away the soda drop. “You’re cute when you get mad,” he said, grinning at her.


“Oh!” she fumed. “Don’t you start talking pretty now! I’m telling you something awful is coming . . . did you call me cute?”


“Uh huh,” he said. “I did. You want to go to a dance with me tomorrow night?”


For a second, the question rendered the voluble woman speechless. Then she nodded. “I’d like that,” she said, “but I still say something bad is gonna happen.”


“You’re absolutely right,” Chase answered somberly. “There’s a very good chance I will step on your feet.”

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