To Haunt a Witch

Being dead is a subjective thing.

Still recovering from their adventure into the Middle Realm, Jinx, Tori, and the gang have settled down to enjoy some "normal" time in Briar Hollow. Then Cezar Ionescu walks in the front door asking for a favor. An abandoned house owned by the local Strigoi clan is attracting the attention of the Haunted Briar Hollow web series.

Cezar knows the old place is haunted, but he doesn't know the identity of the ghost or the reason for the presence. Can Jinx gently ask the spirit to move on before Mindy, Nick, and Kyle find something else inflammatory? Remember the spectral baseball game? No one wants more of that kind of trouble.

Tori seizes on the request to suggest a combination slumber party / camping trip with Lucas and Connor in tow. Festus and Rube are onboard, and Rodney is determined not to be left behind. For her part, Jinx is more than ready to get away from her daily mirror calls from Barnaby complaining about the diplomatic firestorm she touched off when she promised the Dark Druid the Agreement segregating the Middle Realm would be lifted.

But as usual, there's more to the abandoned house than anyone imagines. When the group brings home a "helpful" spirit, Jinx finds out more about Fae politics than she wanted to know, and discovers a completely hidden element of her already complicated family history.

Come back to Briar Hollow for To Haunt a Witch, Book 8 in the Jinx Hamilton series!

“Love all these books. Can’t wait for more.” ~ Amazon Reviewer C. Queen


“I really enjoyed this series and I’m truly hoping the the author gets the hint to continue with this. I’m writing my review on the first book although I’ve read the whole series in a matter of days. You just can’t put them down once you start.” ~ Amazon Reviewer BooBoo


“I love the worlds created in this series and the characters that inhabit them. Each story is more complexly woven..” ~ Amazon Reviewer Blair P.


“Great reading. I can’t wait for the next one.” ~ Amazon Reviewer Maggie

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Don’t ask me why I struck a match. Habit I guess. The first 30 years of my life, I didn’t know I could snap my fingers and ignite a flame. Dragging a tiny blob of dried chemicals over a strip of sandpaper felt more natural.


Mistake number one.


Lucas and I stood in a dim, cluttered room in an abandoned house. The tall trees surrounding the structure cut off the last rays of the setting sun. We needed more light. Other than that, I can’t tell you exactly what I was thinking the moment the wick flared.


Mistake number two.


From the doorway behind me, Tori cried, “Jinksy! Don’t do that!”


The warning came too late, and surprised me so much, I stood there gaping at her until the burning match scorched my fingers. Swearing under my breath, I shook out the flame and resisted the urge to drop it. The whole place was a tinder box waiting to ignite.


“Have you lost your mind?” I demanded.


“Me?” she said, outraged. “You just lit a hoodoo candle. What were you thinking?”


“That we needed some light in here.”


Tori rolled her eyes. “Would you please stop being so literal?” she said. “What were you thinking? What was your intention when you lit the candle?”


My intention?


“I don’t know,” I admitted. “I guess that I want to find this ghost so we can go home.”


Mistake number three.

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