News from Juliette, November 21, 2018

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     We're happy to announce the release of To Love a Witch, the 12th book in the Jinx Hamilton adventures!
     And don't forget that last month we released the second Selby Jensen mystery,  Blood Marked.
     (See purchase links for both below.)

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To Love a Witch is Now Available on Amazon!

Murders to solve.
A wedding to plan.
A twist you won’t expect.

     After accepting Lucas Grayson’s proposal, Jinx finds herself trying to figure out how to throw a wedding for friends and family in three realms without offending anyone. Yes, even powerful witches struggle with etiquette.
     With a new coven member in town and the unexpected arrival of an angry spirit in the courthouse, unsolved murders add to the already complicated situation. What can we say? It’s crazy business as usual in Briar Hollow, but look for the twist because it’s coming.

What's coming Next?

We can't tell you much about this book because it will ruin the ending of To Love a Witch for those who have yet to read the novel, but trust us, it will be a wild ride! And, as promised, we aren't going to make you wait long!

Coming in January 2019!

Free on Book Funnel

In this prequel novella to Witch at Heart, readers are introduced to the magical roots of Jinx's world through Tori's voice.

Latest Novella Release

Join ROMO agent and werecat Festus McGregor in this second installment of the Jinx Hamilton/Wrecking Crew novellas. 

First Wrecking Crew Novella

Werecat Festus McGregor leads his Recovery of Magical Objects Squad on a mission to retrieve the Moonstone Spoon.

If you haven't Read . . .

In the second installment of the series, the gang hits the road to help a new client whose blood carries a dangerous secret.

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year for Thanksgiving we will each be spending the day with family (and friends who are like family.) We wish you and yours a wonderful day filled with happiness, laughter, love, and gratitude for all the good things in life. We couldn't do what we do without the support of our readers, so please know that when we count our blessings, you are all high on our list!

Patti and Rana

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Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. As a writer, Juliette's goal is to create strong female characters facing interesting, challenging, painful, and at times comical situations. Refusing to be bound by genre, her primary interest lies in telling good stories.