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In this month's newsletter, we finally answer a question that has been on the minds of many of our readers. "Will there be more books in The Lockwood Legacy?" The short answer is, "Yes." Keep reading for a full explanation of our future plans for the three sisters and their lives on The Rocking L.

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The Revival of the Lockwood Legacy

     Over the past few months, numerous readers have inquired about the fate of our first series, The Lockwood Legacy. Here's some history on what has happened and what will happen with those books.
     Langston's Daughters, the first Lockwood novel, was also our first fictional effort. We made numerous "misjudgments" with that book, including poor categorization on Amazon and a cliffhanger ending our initial readers hated.
     We forged ahead with the series through book six, Jenny's Choice, but frankly the books struggled to find a readership. Ultimately we pulled the individual titles from the Amazon store and made the series available as a boxed set only.
     By then, Jinx had captured our full attention and we put the Lockwood women out of our minds -- just as readers began to find the boxed set and started asking when we'd be returning to the ranch!
     We decided to seek advice from an experienced author who suggested the proper category for the stories -- "Romantic Suspense." She also advised us to combine the six books into three volumes with new titles and re-vamped covers.
     After mulling over her ideas, we decided to accept her advice.

     In addition to all of our other projects, we are currently re-editing the Lockwood books to become: One Silent Bullet, Two Loves Betrayed, and Three Threads Bound.
     The storylines are the same, but we are editing out unnecessarily repetitive passages, creating transitions that bridge the union of two novels into one, and correcting errors that slipped through the original editing process.
     Starting at the end of this month, we will publish each book approximately one to two weeks apart followed by a boxed set. If you've already read The Lockwood Legacy please don't mistake these re-issues for new material. Again -- the story is the same.
     We always planned to finish the series. This is not just a re-vamping of the existing books. We are currently developing  material for a fourth book that will appear in the coming months. Our readers want to go back to the Rocking L and we plan to take you there.
    We've once again become immersed in Kate, Jenny, and Mandy's world, but with fresh eyes and fresh ideas.
     For those of you who have contacted us about the fate of The Lockwood Legacy, we hope this comes as good news!

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Rana's most recent adventure involved the "some assembly required" by a corner book shelf ordered from, you guessed it, Amazon. As she posted on her Facebook update, the phrase about assembly actually means, "Nothing will be labeled. You'll put it together wrong three times. It weighs 500 lbs. and your cats will be WAY too much help." She prevailed in the end, however, but the cats did learn some new, creative word combinations.

Patti has a fresh crop of gray hairs courtesy of Otis the Poodle who chose to take advantage of an open gate in the backyard to have a wee walkabout. Thirty minutes later he was found greatly enjoying the company of a Good Samaritan and seemingly oblivious to the near heart attacks he caused for everyone in his family. To hear Otis tell the story, he went for a walk, met a nice lady, and got lots of hugs when his Daddy showed up!

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