News from Juliette, August 25, 2018

Welcome to This Month's Newsletter

     We're happy to announce the release of Three Threads Bound, the final re-issue of the newly edited Lockwood Legacy books.
     Additionally, we have exciting news to share in Patti's half of Juliette's world as well as information on coming releases in September.

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Three Threads Bound Released

     With the re-issue of Three Threads Bound, we've completed updating The LockwoodLegacy.
     While the storyline remains the same, we've worked to remove unnecessarily repetitive passages, create better transitions, and correct errors that slipped through the original editing process.
     The experience has allowed us to reconnect with the Lockwood women. We're looking forward to continuing their story in 2019 with Four Hearts Bleed.
     In the meantime, we hope readers new to the series will enjoy these updated versions as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Free on Book Funnel

In this prequel novella to Witch at Heart, readers are introduced to the magical roots of Jinx's world through Tori's voice.

Latest Release

Think James Bond meets Rocket Raccoon. Join Festus, Rube and the rest of the raccoons for an escapist romp you won’t want to put down!

Coming in September!

When a client arrives on Selby's doorstep with symptoms of vampirism, the team takes the case only to realize they've landed smack in the middle of a blood-sucking conspiracy.

If you haven't Read . . .

. . . Descendants of the Rose and want to catch up before the release of Blood Marked, the book is currently available on Amazon.

What's Next?

Hello all, Rana here. The biggest news in Juliette's collective world right now is what Patti shared with the Facebook group on August 8:

I've been keeping a secret from you all. I'm getting married in a little more than two weeks! Yikes!!!
     That's right, August 25, 2018, is the day I say "I do."
     Rana and I thought it was time I let you all know about this because, well, our writing schedule for 2018 took a little hit when my sweetheart proposed to me in November. He proposed in a treehouse in Hawaii. Isn't that romantic?
     So, please excuse us if we didn't get as many books out this year as we normally do. And please stay excited about Jinx, Selby and the Lockwood ladies. We promise, there will be many more adventures for all our characters to come, and we can't wait to share those adventures with our readers.

     While the newlyweds are off on their honeymoon, I'll be turning our notes for the second Jinx Hamilton / Wrecking Crew Novella Merstone into the book we'll be publishing shortly after Labor Day.
     Our thinking on going ahead with Merstone now is that it will give you all a taste of Jinx's world ahead of the release of To Love a Witch. That's a book we have to work on together, so please be patient with us. A real life wedding is a pretty good excuse to be a little slow writing a fictional one!

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