Christmas in the Valley

Join Jinx and company for the first Jinx Hamilton / Shevington novella. In this short read of approximately 75 pages, Jinx, Tori, and the gang head out to spend their first Christmas in the magical Valley of Shevington, a place where anything is possible. Everything seems perfect, but on Christmas night, Jinx finds herself at the base of the Mother Tree thinking about the one thing she can't have . . . or can she?

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Jinx, her magical family and all the family and magical friends in the Valley of Shevington. Christmas is a magical time anywhere, but in the Valley it is especially so, but there are still hard problems to solve. Another cantputdownable must read.” – CWA


“Another great book. I love all the characters. I love the imagery. Light hearted, but a great stories that make you fall in love with everyone and want to fight by their side. Read this one in a day. Now to wait for the next chapter.. Please don’t make it a long wait Ms. Harper.” – Deb


“I can’t say enough about this series. It is one of my favorites and I can’t wait for the next book The characters are wonderful and I especially love Darby.” – Sumner

“I want to go spend the holiday in Shevington with Jinx and her family and friends and meet the Mother Tree!” – Kindle Reviewer

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“Rodney, hold this ribbon down for me, will you? I need more tape.”


The black-and-white rat obligingly put his front paws on the length of red satin while I reached for the dispenser. I tore off a length of sticky stuff and secured the ribbon, being careful not to catch any rodent toes in the process.


“Are you excited about spending Christmas in the Valley?” I asked as Rodney smoothed the tape down for me.


Nodding happily, he mimicked the action of skiing.


“You’re planning to go skiing?” I asked. “How are you going to do that?”


From beside me, a disembodied voice said, “Mistress Glory ordered Barbie skis from the Amazon River.” Darby materialized and offered me a tray of hot chocolate and cookies.


Having a brownie around the house who likes to cook and clean is a good thing. Trust me.


“Thank you, Darby,” I said, taking the cup and blowing carefully on the hot liquid, “and it’s not the Amazon River. It’s a store on the Internet called Amazon. How are Barbie skis going to do Rodney any good?”


“Mistress Glory showed the skis to your father,” Darby said, “and Master Jeff is making a special pair just for Rodney.” As the brownie set the platter on the work table, he added helpfully, “His will require a place for four feet.”


Refraining from making some wisecrack about the obviousness of that statement, I said, “Where will this skiing take place?”


“On the snow drifts in Master Barnaby’s garden,” Darby said. “Mistress Glory feels a mountain might be too scary.”


Good decision.


We might not have any official “children” around for the holidays, but Glory — a Barbie-doll-sized green witch, Rodney, and Darby can get in every bit as much trouble with their bright ideas.


Completely as an afterthought, I asked, “Darby, are you going to ski, too?”

“No, Mistress,” the brownie said as he winked out of sight again. “I do not enjoy broken bones.”


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