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Although belated, we want to wish all of our readers a happy 2017. Since we last posted on this website, a great deal has happened in our world. Let’s try to get you caught up.

Rana’s mother, age 93, passed away on December 26th after a long illness. Since Patti and her boyfriend, John, also traveled to Rana’s hometown, it meant time away from writing for Juliette.

Although a sad occasion, the visit was also an opportunity to reconnect with family and old friends and for the Eastern half of Juliette Harper to see a little bit of Texas — and to wear her first Western hat.

That also included going to what was literally Patti’s first — and likely her last — rodeo. As an animal lover, the experience was difficult for her, but one she embraced out of curiosity.

The writing is now getting back on schedule. The seventh book in the Jinx Hamilton series, The Amulet of Caorunn, which was set to appear in January will be published some time in February. It’s a big adventure, and one worth the wait.

Additionally, we’ve made the decision to push forward with Lost in Room 636, the second book in The Selby Jensen Paranormal Mysteries. We think Jinx readers will enjoy meeting and getting to know Selby. Her world is a little darker and maybe a little more dangerous than Briar Hollow, but it’s every bit as exciting.

Lockwood Legacy readers, we haven’t forgotten you. We hope to have Kate’s Journey finished in the first half of 2017.

For now, as we get back to the business of writing, we hope the new year brings wonderful things for you all. Thanks for reading!


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Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. As a writer, Juliette's goal is to create strong female characters facing interesting, challenging, painful, and at times comical situations. Refusing to be bound by genre, her primary interest lies in telling good stories.

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