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What happens when an author meets a ski slope? While we can't speak for all authors, in Patti's case the result was a shoulder fractured in three places, followed by a nasty cold.

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In this edition of the newsletter, you're getting an Exclusive Sneak Peek at the cover of the 13th book in the Jinx Hamilton series, as well as the first two answers in our new "Ask the Character" series.

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The latest Jinx book, To Teach a Witch, is now available on Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

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As usual, Jinx has her hands full. The HBH kids are knee deep in the Howard McAlpin murder case, just as Jinx has a wedding to plan. Generally she counts on getting by with just a little help from her friends, but sometimes a little help is entirely too much!

Exclusive Sneak Peek!

We're excited to give you an exclusive look at the cover of the 13th book in the Jinx Hamilton series, Mirrors of Time! Starting with this book, we won't be numbering the novels in order to give readers a more "standalone" adventure experience later in the series.

Spoiler Alert!

If you see a character name in the "Ask the Character" articles below that you don't recognize, read at your own risk! We never want to ruin a story for anyone, but to answer some of these questions over the range of the series, that's always a danger. You have been warned!!

Ask the Character

Reader Question: I would like to ask Connor if he is at all upset about what happened when he was a child. I know it was said a little, but I would really like to know his true feelings.

Connor:  First, let me say that I had a wonderful childhood in Shevington. My surrogate grandmother, Endora Endicott, was everything a child could ask for. Living next door to Stan, who is a Sasquatch with a real love for growing flowers and raising bunnies, was also an amazing experience.

Just imagine being lifted onto the furry shoulders of an eight-foot Sasquatch and carried around the village of Shevington. Unlike other kids, I never wanted for the best seat in the house! I could always see everything when I was with him.

I didn't find out what really happened to me until Jinx discovered the truth and then saved me from Irenaeus Chesterfield. Honestly, I feel bad for our mother and father. I can't imagine what it must have been like for them to have to give me up to save my life. But how amazing is it that they were willing to do that?

Human psychologists argue about which is more important, nature or nurture. It seems to me that I benefited from the best of both.

Endora and Aunt Fiona certainly nurtured me, but I must have gotten some terrific things by nature like my love of animals, and my ability to create things by drawing and with my leathercraft. I believe those things must have come from my parents.

Dad would never admit how creative he is, but you should see the way he ties his fishing flies — not to mention that he takes six dogs with him every time he goes to the river. I am glad that he's completely embraced catch and release though. I would be very unhappy with him if he was doing anything to hurt the fish.

So, no, I don't have any bitterness about what happened to me as a child. I think everyone did what they had to do to protect me.

I even feel sorry for Mr. Ionescu. The way he forced Mom to give me up came from intense grief. He wanted his daughter and niece back, and was hurting so much that he wanted someone else to hurt, too.

The great thing about life, and this is a lesson animals can teach us, you can always begin again. Forgiveness makes all things possible. 

I'm a happy man. At first, I didn't want to take over Grandad's job and become the Mayor of Shevington, but I have huge plans for the community now. I have a terrific girlfriend in Tori, and Jinx is the sister I always wanted.

As Rube would say, it's all good.

Ask the Character

Reader Question: Is Tori at all a little jealous that her best friend is gone a lot? Does she miss hanging out with her like the old days?

Tori: Have you met my best friend? She's the one who spends all her time worrying about me, not the other way around. Sure, there are lots of things I miss about the old days. Life was less complicated then, but now Jinx can be who she was meant to be.

I spent most of the first 30 years of our lives watching Jinksy limit herself. I understand why Kelly raised Jinx to default to self-doubt, it was still awful to watch.

Seeing Jinx be the first one through that portal going off to take on the latest crisis in the Fae world is like a shot in the arm for me. Two years ago, if anybody had told me Jinx would be one of the biggest magical badasses in three realms, I would have laughed and asked them what they smoked before they came into the café.

But to get back to your specific question, Jinx and I still have plenty of time together.  Jinksy knows everything that goes on in my life, and I know everything that goes on in hers.  Sometimes those conversations don't take much more than eye contact across the lair.

Also, and keep this under your hat so the others don’t get jealous, sometimes we still sneak off for pizza and a movie and don't tell anyone where we’re going.

You ever see a movie called The Women? The remake with Meg Ryan, not the original. The main characters call their private girl time as being "in the vault."

It's like what people say about Vegas. “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Same for the vault. That’s how it is with me and Jinx. Jealousy has never been a factor in our personal equation and I’m not worried that it ever will be.

About the Author

Juliette Harper is the pen name used by the writing team of Patricia Pauletti and Rana K. Williamson. As a writer, Juliette's goal is to create strong female characters facing interesting, challenging, painful, and at times comical situations. Refusing to be bound by genre, her primary interest lies in telling good stories.