Mandy’s Father

As the Lockwood family saga continues, the sisters' lives only get more complicated. A mystery cousin arrives from Boston claiming to want to repair broken family ties. But as new discoveries surface in the cave in Baxter's Draw, the Lockwood daughters once again have their hands full. An old enemy resurfaces, forcing Kate, Jenny, and Mandy to go on the offensive to protect not just their land, but also their lives.

Then, an unexpected tragedy strikes at the heart of their world.Just as Mandy is given the chance to truly understand her heritage, a personal loss leaves her devastated. Will the chance to build a new family with new connections offer her a chance to heal?

Can Kate protect her sisters even at the risk of her own life?Determined to safeguard her family and her ranch, Kate willingly puts herself in harm's way. Will Jenny be forced to face the unthinkable, the loss of her sister and best friend?

 Join Juliette Harper for the next installment of The Lockwood Legacy series.In this saga chronicling the lives of the close-knit Lockwood sisters, mystery, romance, and adventure all add up to just another day at the ranch.

“This series just continues to get better and better as the characters grow and blossom. You will need to dig out the Kleenex for this one. The family branches out in unexpected ways that will touch your heart. If you're looking for an author who churns out predictable plots, keep looking. Juliette Harper is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. By the way, I'm ordering book #5 right now. Enjoy.” – Norma Hensley, Amazon Reviewer

“I have loved each book of the series. Each book could stand alone, but because of the excellent writing, I couldn't wait to read the next in line. Juliette Harper's writing gets smoother and better with each book as well as developing new and not previously written plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Can't wait for “Irene”. Juliette Harper also wrote “You Can't Get Blood Out of Shag Carpet” which was so funny! The characters could live in any small southern town, you will recognize them.” – Poke Salet Annie, Amazon Reviewer

“I have not been able to put down any of these books since I started reading them !!! New story line, plots tear seekers, they have it All !! I would give 10 stars if possible.” – Amazon Reviewer

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“Slow down,” Jake laughed. “We have to talk . . .”

“No, we don't,” Kate interrupted. “We don't have to talk about anything. These kids are gonna bust if you don't let them out of this lab. Let's all go up to the draw and see what we can find. Come on. It'll be fun.”

“But it'll take us two hours to get up there!” Jake protested.

“So what?” Kate countered. “It's just a little after noon and it doesn't get good dark until 8: 30 thanks to this damned made-up government time. Come on, professor,” she teased, “loosen up.”

Amy and Chris had moved to stand behind Kate in silent solidarity. They looked like a couple of kids on Christmas Eve. Jake knew when he was defeated. “Okay,” he said. “Fine. The boss lady says we ride, we ride.”

Kate clapped him on the shoulder with her good hand, “Even if you did steal that line from Josh,” she said approvingly, “you delivered it like a top hand.” She turned to the two interns. “Either one of you know how to saddle a horse?”

“I do!” Amy said. “I was a summer camp counselor.”

“Of course you were,” Kate said. She eyed Chris. “You have any problem with horses?” she asked him.

“No, ma'am,” he said. “I don't know how to saddle one, but I can manage not to get thrown off.”

“Then you're a step ahead of where Dr. Martin was when he showed up on this place,” Kate laughed. “Come on, Amy, let's go to the barn. You two round up any equipment you think you need, but keep it light. We leave in half an hour.”

When Kate and Amy walked outside, Kate said, “I have to go talk to my sister for a minute. You go on to the barn. The tack room is at the back. My saddle has my initials on the fenders. Throw it on the big mahogany bay mare. Her name is Bracelet. She'll stand still for you if you use her name. Put any saddle you want on the old black. He doesn't care. His name is Horsefly, and he's liable to talk to you. Dr. Martin will ride him.”

“What about me and Chris?” she asked.

“I'll pick a couple of horses for you all from the pen when I get to the barn,” she said. “I won't be long.”

Jenny heard Kate's footsteps as she approached, but didn't look away from her painting. “Why are you having that kid saddle horses?” she asked without preamble, delicately shading a portion of her canvas to match the deep shadows on the bluff.

“That's what I walked over here to tell you,” Kate said. She described to Jenny what they'd just learned from the ground scans of the interior of the cave, and finished with a question. “You want to come along?” she asked.

Putting her brush down, Jenny turned on the small stool and looked up at her sister. “You won't let them tear anything up?” she asked, an odd note coming into her voice to match the apprehensive caution in her eyes.

Kate squatted down so they were on a more equal level. She rested her hand on her sister's knee both to balance herself and as a gesture of reassurance. “You know I won't,” she said. “And I know I probably should have asked you about all this first. Sorry about that, but I got . . .”

“Excited,” Jenny said, finishing the thought for her.

“Yeah,” Kate admitted sheepishly. “I did. To be real honest, I'm still excited.”

“The last time you got excited about going up to Baxter's Draw looking for treasure you got shot,” Jenny said, a shadow crossing her face at the memory of that night.

“Nothing up in Baxter's Draw is going to hurt me or you any more, honey,” Kate said. “I went up there by myself in the middle of the night knowing there was an intruder with a gun somewhere on this place. I was an idiot.”

“Damn right you were,” Jenny said, putting her hand over Kate's. “And you're not ever going to do anything like that again.”