Langston’s Ghost: Limbo to Lust

(This short story is a companion to The Lockwood Legacy books. It is approximately 18 pages with a reading time of 30 minutes. Told from Langston Lockwood’s point of view, the events in this story are subsequent to those recounted in The Lockwood Legacy Book 1 - Langston’s Daughters.)

Langston Lockwood contemplates his suicide with great care, envisioning every possible outcome of his actions. He crafts a last will and testament designed to ensure that his iron-willed control over the lives of his daughters remains intact even from the grave. But he does not count on waking up in exactly the same spot where he died, or of being forced to answer for his deeds in the circles of hell with his dead wife Irene as his guide and witness. In this second installment of The Lockwood Legacy Short Story series, Langston moves from the benign region of limbo to the dizzying vertigo of lust.