Baxter’s Draw

Texas rancher Langston Lockwood died leaving his three daughters with an inheritance of secrets, lies, and mysteries. The family ranch, the Rocking L, includes a lonely box canyon called Baxter's Draw, which may be the key to a hidden Spanish treasure. Still reeling from their father's suspicious suicide, Kate, Jenny, and Mandy are determined to discover the truth about Baxter's Draw.

Did their grandfather really steal that part of the family's land from their neighbors and rivals, the Baxters? According to the story long told in their small town, the land changed hands during a crooked poker game.

Could there be something in Baxter's Draw worth fighting and dying over? Professor Jake Martin thinks the Lockwood ranch may be the key to solving the legend of Jim Bowie's lost silver mine.

But it's not just the girls who want the secrets at the heart of Langston Lockwood's legacy to be revealed. Outsiders trespassing on the land seem determined to go to any lengths to get what they want, even if that means striking at the heart of all the Lockwood sisters hold dear. Return to the Rocking L for the next part of the Lockwood Legacy saga as the series continues to follow the sisters' homecoming and their efforts to reconcile the loss of their father with all they stand to gain.

“I enjoyed this book. Never a moment without some suspense as to what would be happening next that to the dead dad of three ladies that had to put up with life under this horrid man. He was mean to his girls without ever striking them. He had a big secret that guided his life. After his death they found his secret. This started changes all their lives as more of his secret were found. I have all the books in the Lockwood Legacy and cannot wait to finish the one I am reading so I can move on to the next. I would recommend this book to anyone that loves Texas as much as I do.” – Linda Hass, Amazon Reviewer

“A perfect sequel to “Langston’s Daughters”. This book picked up the story with smooth continuity. As it progresses we’re wondering if Kate and the professor develop any romantic leanings. Who is the stalker? Who does he work for? Kate injured, her sisters worried quite naturally. Kate is shown to be very smart. I’m not giving away much of the plot or the mystery is given away. This book is more than worth the read. It also is open ended leading up to book #3. You can bet this reader is going for #3.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Finished it the day I bought it, and heaven knows I had other things I should have been doing! I wouldn’t have been surprised had it ended with the proposal, but now we have a Mystery. When did you say the next one would be out?” – Kestrel, Amazon Reviewer

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Across the expanse of yard Kate saw Jenny take the three steps from the converted shipping container she called home to the second unit she used as her studio. When the lights came on, Kate could see the interior of the work space. Through the picture windows that covered the front of the structure Jenny noticed Kate on the porch and motioned for her to come over, miming the action of pouring more coffee.

Pushing off the porch post with her shoulder, Kate walked the short distance across the yard and stepped into the inviting warmth of the studio.

“Morning,” Jenny said. “Just put your cup on the Keurig machine and hit the blue flashing button.”

“Morning,” Kate said, doing as she was directed. “I still don’t think you can call this making coffee,” she added, watching a dark stream of liquid pour into her mug.

“Which apparently doesn’t stop you from drinking it,” Jenny shot back, shoving sketch books aside and making room for her sister on one end of the couch.

“Where’s Josh?” Kate asked.

“He didn’t stay last night,” Jenny said. “Early photo hunt with some clients this morning.”

“We need to talk with him some more about letting him take people on that stretch of our land by the river,” Kate said, sitting down. “That’s pretty country down in there, and full of wildlife.”

“Daddy would do grave spins,” Jenny laughed.

“Wait until I get the water catchment system built and put in the greenhouses and raised beds this spring,” Kate said.

“Can’t you just hear him?” Jenny said. “‘ Goddamn Sister, we’re not farmers.’”

“Only man I ever knew who could make ‘farmer’ a dirty word,” Kate laughed.

“Are you still thinking about grapes?” Jenny asked.

“Yep, just don’t know enough about the business yet, and I’ve got a request from some bone hunter from the Texas Tech archaeology department wanting to survey the land along the dry creek at the base of Baxter’s Draw for a possible dig,” Kate said, fishing in the pocket of her sweater and handing Jenny a letter. “Just opened it this morning.”

Jenny scanned the slightly crumpled page, “Lowell J. Martin,” she said. “Associate Professor of Archaeology. Huh. What do you think?”

“Well, we used to pull the odd arrowhead out of the creek bed when we were kids. Might be interesting to see what he finds. He says he’d like to talk to us about it ‘via video conference if possible’ or ‘in person if that proves more practicable.’”

“‘ Practicable?’” Jenny said, arching her eyebrows. “Great. He sounds like he’s 140 and boring as hell.”

“I don’t know about you,” Kate said, blowing on her coffee before she took a sip. “But I’m completely up for some boring around here.”

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